Criteria for the Katy Gyllström Residency Grant

Katy Gyllström, Hushållerskan, 1974 olja. Föreningen Konstsamfundets samlingar/Amos Rex
Katy Gyllström

The Finnish-Swedish artist Katy Gyllström (16.12.1933–8.9.2018) bequeathed everything to Föreningen Konstsamfundet with the primary aim of subsidizing visual artists’ studio and residency expenses. According to the statutes of both the Katy Gyllström Memorial Fund and of Föreningen Konstsamfundet, these visual artists are to have a connection with Swedish-speaking Finland.

The project, which in total is calculated to go on until 2037, has been started off with a residency grant for 2022–2024. The Katy Gyllström Residency Grant will be awarded for a Finnish or Nordic visual-art residency that has links with Swedish-speaking Finland, either through its overall operation or via the residency artist.

• This spring – March, 2022 – the recipient of the Katy Gyllström Residency Grant will be announced for the first time
• Application period: 31.3–31.5.2022
• Residencies of Finland or the Nordic countries can apply
• There will be one grant per year (2022-2023-2024)

The grant will cover the following costs:

• An “all-inclusive” residency stay
• A work grant for the residency period
• A production grant for the creative work itself
• A grant to cover residency costs (rent, administration)
• A travel grant to allow travel by the most sustainable mode of transport
• Funds to cover a residency of about three months

If the residency does not require funding for any of the above items, details are to be given as to how the residency will cover those costs.

The grant can partly also cover the following expenses:

• Expenses related to the specific artist’s exhibition, continued education or event
• Administration expenses, e.g. wages of a residency coordinator or similar up to 15% of the grant
• Maintenance costs, such as cleaning, water, electricity.

The application is to be made in Swedish via the online form: .
All applications in our system are in Swedish. If you have any questions about the language in the application form, please contact us.

For more information:

Grant Specialist
Klara Paul
+358 40 71 97 898